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How forward-thinking hoteliers can love linen longer: Innovations in cleaning and stain removal to maximise the life cycle of commercial linen

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Love Linen Longer: Five carbon and money-saving reasons to get the most out of laundry stock

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Don’t dump it, dye it: Getting the most out of linen with coloration aims to inspire laundries to consider dyeing as a way to love linen longer, saving the world’s resources – and money too.

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Regenex’s original white paper, Love linen longer: A new innovation in cleaning, to maximise the life cycle of commercial linen, aims to prompt discussion on the laundry sector’s attitude to textile waste – and promote specialist stain removal as an environmentally-friendly option.

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Loving linen for longer –
the next big carbon footprint breakthrough?

The UK’s Leading Linen Recovery Specialist

At Regenex, we believe that through scientific research and development we can make the world a better place.

Key Benefits

80% Success Rate

We have processed hundreds of tonnes of linen, we have a wide experience of the type of stains seen across the European commercial laundry sector, reclaiming up to 80%, depending upon incoming linen being free of holes, rips and tears. Remember, if we don’t clean it we don’t charge!

Powerful Chemistry

Complex scouring and bleaching techniques work in unison with the patented Regenex chemistry utilising a controlled mechanical process route, allowing previously impossible to remove stains to be removed and the linen returned whiter and cleaner than before.

Save Energy

Break the process loop where rejected pieces go round and round the ‘kill or cure’ route, by purging your system with Regenex. Up to 80% of the linen product’s carbon footprint is in its manufacture, so the early exit of textiles is a massive burden on the environment. Use Regenex to extend the useful economic life of your textiles and help conserve the earth’s resources.

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