About Us

At Regenex, we believe that through scientific research and development we can make the world a better place. We are challenging the way contract laundry companies (CLCs) think about their cleaning processes. We have created a process that saves CLCs money and carbon.

The Regenex system combines our protected chemical formula together with innovative process techniques that remove stains from condemned linen, breathing new life into fabrics that would otherwise be sent to rag. By reclaiming fabrics, Regenex saves the cost of replacing linen early, enabling previously rejected items to fulfil their lifetime usage potential.

We help preserve the environment by reducing the energy, water and chemicals needed to remove stains by in-house recovery routes such as ‘kill or cure’ and ‘conventional chemistry’, negating the need to create new linen from virgin cotton.

Regenex is continuously developing new methods to remove newly discovered stains. Our years of textile processing experience helps us to chemically engineer bespoke solutions for combinations of stains and fibres.

So, imagine what we could do for you.

Our Capability

Regenex is part of the Bulmer & Lumb group. We are based in Bradford in the heart of the UK textile industry. We have been involved in dyeing textiles for over 100 years and are experts in the manipulation of natural and synthetic fibres and fibre blends to either add or remove colour.

Regenex was developed by our chemists and fibre technicians in our laboratory facilities here in the UK. We have the capacity to store and handle large volumes of material and have the systems in place to identify and trace materials throughout the process.

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