Regenex works with forward-thinking laundry to extend the life cycle of permanently stained towels

Regenex is best known as a stain removal specialist for commercial linen, having secured a great reputation for this service in recent years. And while we continue in our mission to become the go-to processor for restoring linen back to its pristine white condition, we’re pleased to have recently collaborated with Express Linen Services to repurpose its stock of heavily-stained towels through coloration. 


Established in 1927, Blackpool-based Express Linen Services Ltd is a family owned laundry which currently employs 150 members of staff. Receiving its accreditation for British Standards BS9001 and BS14065 back in 2017, the organisation is an exceptional supplier of linen — processing over 20,000,000 pieces each year. Through adopting more sustainable processes, Express Linen has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% since 2008.

The commercial laundry initially reached out to Regenex to help revive linen that would have otherwise been condemned to landfill. Since then, Regenex has also helped the firm with an alternative solution to conserve resources and prolong the life of its linen stock through dyeing. 

Commenting on the collaboration, Paul Hamilton, technical director at Regenex said: “Alongside our stain removal processes, we are becoming more renowned for dyeing a wide range of pieces for many purposes and requirements among forward-thinking laundries, such as Express Linen Services, who can see the benefit of getting the most out of every napkin, and every towel.”


Seeking assistance to revive its linens back to their pristine white state, Express Linen Services sought to collaborate with Regenex to repurpose 200kg of marked towels that had arrived as ‘permanently stained’. While heavy staining can occur early on in the life cycle of a towel — which would usually mean it is disposed of as rag — permanently stained doesn’t have to mean it has to be disregarded right away. 


Despite heavy staining with the likes of fake tan, food and black marks, a total of 200 kg was dyed blue and returned as NHS  stock — resulting in an impressive 600 kg saving in carbon emissions, had Express Linen Services decided to replace the marked towels with new stock. This circular process also meant that one million litres of water was saved by not buying new.

Mark Bruce, owner of Express Linen services, said: “Working with Regenex to prolong the lifespan of perfectly good linen provides a great solution . Our issues are just a snapshot of the problems faced by all other linen hire providers, so the ability to have an option other than landfill is a much needed way forward.”


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