Has there ever been a better time for laundries to save money?

The laundry sector has been left severely depleted by the disruptions of the pandemic – and that situation is continuing, with the current lockdown.

Though we’re all still hopeful of better times ahead this year with the roll out of vaccinations, there are currently many stories of hardship due to reduced business caused by the hospitality hiatus and a lack of government help.

So, what can laundries do in the meantime, besides wait for restrictions to lift and trade to recover? We’ve talked before about the importance of thrift – making the the most of stock and avoiding unnecessary spend on top-up items.

Now this philosophy makes more sense than ever, and Regenex can help laundries to get the most out of every item of linen – from bedding to workwear, tableware to towels.

Has there ever been a better time for laundries to save money? Too much discoloured or stained linen is still being condemned to landfill or rag when, in 75% of cases, Regenex can revive whites or re-dye them, so that they can be returned to stock for many more washes to come.

We achieve this using a gentle multi-bath process that works on opening up fibres to release marks. More and more laundries, healthcare trusts and hospitality companies are turning to Regenex to save money and lower their carbon footprints.

Typically, laundry managers don’t believe what we can do until they see the results for themselves. The feedback we receive is always enthusiastic, and first timers generally become regular customers.

It’s tempting to think ‘it’s just a few bits and pieces’ as they go in the bin – but those items add up, and there are significant economies to be achieved. Allowing Regenex to process stained workwear, for example, represents a particularly significant saving on replacements.

This is on top of doing the right thing for the environment by reducing textile waste and unnecessary manufacture. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to see how we can work together.


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