Holidays are coming: Hospitality is beginning to bounce back – but is that linen up to scratch?

Hotels, restaurants and other public-facing venues up and down the country – and indeed, all over the world – are slowly, slowly starting to regenerate.

Tentative openings, however partial, are all good news for the survival of countless businesses, following the lean months of lockdown.

At some point the sector will be back to a new normal, welcoming increasing numbers of diners and overnight guests once more –with unfamiliar new hygiene rules on aspects such as check-in and laundry.

Before we get truly busy again – especially with a raft of new considerations to navigate – now is a good time to take stock. Of all supplies and equipment across the business, but especially linen.

Whatever happens, beds, towels and dining tables must be spotless. Hotel guests count pristine linen as essential – 71% said dirty sheets is the hotel faux pas most likely to make them walk out – and this is likely to be truer still, post-Coronavirus.

A total of 94% of hotel workers recognise that the quality of linen is hugely important – no-one needs to be informed of this – but how can laundry managers refresh stock, if funds are tight after lockdown?

Love your linen for longer

Our advice is to look closely at what you have, and don’t put any decent linen in the bin, however stained or discoloured it is. Technology has moved on and with specialist attention, three in four stains can be lifted.

Regenex has pioneered a gentle, multi-bath system that opens fibres to remove pigment and is consistently successful in 75.3% of cases. This means that items which would once be condemned can be returned to stock for many more washes to come.

Even when whites cannot be restored, over-dyeing in new, rich colour, is an option for towels and tableware that has lots more wear left.

Order less new top-up stock

Regenex’s managing director, David Midgley, said: “Laundries typically spend 10% of turnover on new stock and much of that is needless. Processing linen through Regenex can halve that outlay and, in the case of expensive staff uniforms, save 80% on new.”

Getting the most out of linen and reducing the ordering of new stock also has an extremely beneficial effect on businesses’ carbon footprint – another key consideration for increasingly eco-conscious consumers.

David continued: “More and more hospitality managers and laundries are changing their wasteful habits and realising that there is another way. Ahead of the ‘new normal’, now is the time to ditch old ideas and take a fresh perspective.”

We are offering a free 400kg stain removal trial to any new customer. Get in touch to find out more.



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