Testing, testing … laboratory analysis proves Regenex cleaning really works

When Regenex pioneered its gentle, multi-bath cleaning system, the startling results were plain to see – batch after batch of filthy, stained linens were made white, and perfectly serviceable again.

Benefits in terms of cost and the environment were clear – but it was crucial to Regenex that its revolution in treatment of the dirtiest cottons and poly-cottons could be evidenced on more than looks alone.

So, a programme of inhouse and external testing was carried out. Independent experts were drafted in to back visual inspection with science – and check that any item processed was emerging in the same condition – not weakened or worn, in any way.

Regenex’s Paul Hamilton explains: “The cleaning system that we offer today was a whole 24 months in development, from our initial concept through to fine tuning and final adjustments.

“We wanted to get everything just right – and bring the best system possible to market. An important part of that journey was having impartial specialists, respected in their fields, able to verify that our claims stacked up, and our service really does deliver.”

Does Regenex really restore whiteness?

Most of us simply hold fabric up to the light before making a judgement by eye as to the whiteness of a bed sheet or towel. Unfortunately, this method cannot guarantee precise and reliable appraisal.

However, a spectrophotometer does offer a definitive reading. Regenex has a Datacolour Sprectrflash unit which is an optical instrument – for measuring the intensity of light, relative to wavelength – at its headquarters, specifically for the stringent checking of fabrics post-processing.

Though degrees of whiteness after washing vary depending on the staining or discolouring beforehand, positive results can confirm success, again and again.  A high level of cleanliness is consistently restored in up to 80% of cases.

Does Regenex cause wear to fabric?

Regenex’s system, based on opening fibres and lifting dirt, is gentle to the fibres and chemically engineered for specific fibre types. However, customers often associate stain removal with old-fashioned ‘kill or cure’ methods, involving the boiling of linens with lots of detergent.

As any laundry manager is aware, overly hot washes can create wear in fabrics, causing a bobbling effect as natural fibres are pulled to the surface. It was important to prove the Regenex method left each item in as good a condition as it arrived, and scientists at Leeds University were able to evidence just that.

Experts at Colour Science Analytical in the School of Chemistry used scanning electron microscopy technology to conduct tests on fabrics, before and after treatment.  Beams of electrons, able to scrutinise the surface topography and composition of each sample, showed that the process was as easy on fabrics as Regenex claims.

Dr Algy Kazlauciunas oversaw seven complex series of tests and summarised: “It is clear that there is little or no difference between the samples. In all cases the level of loose fibres, or fibre disruption, is approximately the same.”

Are linens as strong after Regenex treatment?

The final area for testing was the strength of cottons and poly-cottons undergoing processing. More specifically, did the Regenex method weaken linens? This is even more difficult to test by eye than whiteness or wear.

To measure the tensile strength of fabrics, before and after cleaning, Regenex went to another independent analysis option, High Street Textile Testing Services, also in Leeds. This specialist commercial laboratory attached weights to strips of fabric to measure any difference or detriment.

Scientists were able to allay any doubts, declaring samples to be as robust following the process as they were when they arrived at Regenex.

Together, this trio of testing areas gave Regenex reassurance and confidence to pass on to potential clients. Paul Hamilton concludes: “We know that our system restores whites without damaging linens in any way – and the tests mean that customers don’t have to take our word for it.

“This verification from independent experts is significant. It means laundries that do business with us can be confident that cost savings – and environmental benefits – achieved by loving linens for longer will really count. We know that those returned items will look great and perform well for many more washes to come.”

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