Latest Regenex trials show great results in rescuing and reviving condemned linen

The newest customers of Regenex are delighted with the results of their free 400kg trials and subsequent batches – and are now planning to send more stained and discoloured linen for treatment.

Four laundries servicing different sectors are the latest to try our gentle multi-bath process which opens fibres to lift heavy blemishes.

They sent us their dirtiest linen that would otherwise be binned – marked with food, rust, mildew, chemicals, fake tan and other substances – and found the vast majority of items could be returned to stock.

  • A transport laundry supplier gave Regenex 1000kg of linen for processing. We were able to rescue and revive 785kg of this material, representing a success rate of 73.5%. The feedback from this customer was: “We were able to put them all back into circulation, the polyester product works perfectly. We will be sending you more linen!”
  • A newly-established hospitality laundry sent a total of 1400kg linen, of which 68% was saved – over 990kg in total. The laundry’s management told us: “Overall we were very impressed with what came back and our overwhelming thoughts are very positive indeed.”
  • A third recent trial was requested by a private healthcare provider which supplied nearly 600kg of items. Regenex was able to return 489kg, achieving a particularly impressive success rate of 83%. Our contact there said: “It’s great to find a supplier who can give a better option than simply replacing linen,” and also: “Stock control was extremely pleased with the results.”
  • The fourth new customer was an established hospitality laundry which received 75.6% of its most badly marked linen back – a total of 304kg of 400kg. The feedback we received was: “We were very pleased with the results and have lots of other ideas on collaboration going forward.”

For these four customers, we returned over 2500kg of linen to general use – over 75% of the total of 3400kg processed. Regenex does not charge for the treatment of anything we cannot clean effectively.

Paul Hamilton, technical director of Regenex, said: “We are delighted to be able to achieve such great results for our latest customers. These four companies took advantage of the reduced production demands of 2020 to try out our very different approach to linen management.

“As a result, they are in a great position to reduce their linen spend in 2021 and beyond, extending the life of every item, as well as reducing their carbon footprint and benefiting the environment.”

Paul continued: “This opportunity to work with us is by no means exclusive. As always, any new customer can contact us about a free trial, to see for themselves what we can do.”


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