Lockdown could be a good time for laundries to rethink, reset – and make the the most of ALL linen

Award-winning stain removal specialist Regenex will remain operational during November’s lockdown, and is urging laundries to use this period to overhaul linen stock.

We have capacity to treat new deliveries of stained or marked items – bedding, towels, tableware and workwear – that are marred by mildew, rust and other stains.

Our gentle, multi-bath processing system is effective in lifting the most stubborn stains in 75% of cases, so that linen can be returned to stock for many more washes to come.

Regenex’s technical director, Paul Hamilton, said: “The hospitality industry in particular has had an awful year and it’s more important than ever to conserve resources and develop more thrifty habits.

“This can start with an audit of linen stock. Any pause or slowdown in work could make this a good time to turn attention to this task. Items that would be condemned due to discolouration can be sent to us and revived.”

Treatment of linen by Regenex consistently works out at a third of the cost of purchasing new items, and we only charge for material successfully cleaned.

The environmental benefit of loving linen longer has already earned us an International Green Apple Award in 2020 and we have been shortlisted for three more accolades.

Regenex has seen a steady increase in business this year, as more and more laundries see the potential of the company’s services.

We continue to offer a free 400kg trial to any customer, to allow laundry managers to see for themselves the results we can achieve. Contact us to see how we can work together.

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