Regenex celebrates 500 tonnes of linen processed with pioneering stain removal treatment

Regenex has processed 500 tonnes of linen before its third birthday – saving 1,500 tonnes of carbon.

Now the company is calling on the laundry sector to rethink its attitude to textile waste, and develop more environmentally-friendly habits.

Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Regenex has pioneered fresh methods in stain removal that are now saving huge quantities of hospitality and healthcare textiles from rag or landfill.

This development – the result of months of research and testing – is reducing the need for the manufacture of new linen, as well as saving laundries and other customers thousands of pounds in top-up stock.

Regenex has issued a White PaperLove linen longer: A new innovation in cleaning, to maximise the life cycle of commercial linen – to prompt discussion about the responsibilities of the laundry industry in conserving the world’s resources.

The thought-provoking document promotes more careful treatment of linen as a sure-fire way to make progress towards low carbon ideals.

Regenex’s processes are proving consistently successful in around 75% of the most heavily-marked linen, through a series of precise trials – with results independently monitored, including by Leeds University. The gentle, multi-bath treatment is based on opening fibres to lift blemishes.

Managing Director at Regenex, David Midgley, said: “We formed the concept for Regenex in early 2017 and have developed things from there.

“This is our response to the mounting environmental issue of textile waste and unnecessary manufacture, which is only just starting to reach wider public consciousness.”

David continued: “We now have a 25,000sqft premises and have been growing steadily, winning business through word-of-mouth and the impressive results of free trials for new customers.

“We’re delighted to have reached 500 tonnes processed. This feels like a real landmark, and further underlines that our methods work consistently. We are looking forward to the next 5,000 tonnes.”

The landmark amount processed so far represents a total saving of 1,500 tonnes of carbon* and 38 million litres of water** – equivalent to the drinking water consumed by 3,750 people over 10 years.

Recognition for the work of Regenex to date has included nominations for two LADAs – Laundry and Drycleaning Awards – and a short listing in the Tomorrow’s Care Awards 2020.

Regenex continues to offer a free 400kg trial to new customers. Contact us for more information.

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