Regenex is back in business – and can revive ‘furlough’ linen that would otherwise be binned

Regenex’s commercial linen stain removal processing operation is back in action following lockdown, with fresh orders from customers old and new.

And we have capacity for more ‘furlough’ linen – bedding, towels and tableware that has been unused for months, maybe even stored outside, and marred by mildew, rust and other stains.

While these items may look like they need be condemned, did you know Regenex can revive them?

Our gentle, multi-bath processing system is effective in lifting the most stubborn stains in 75% of cases, so that linen can be returned to stock for many more washes to come.

Regenex’s technical director, Paul Hamilton, said: “The hospitality industry, and the laundries who serve it, have had a terrible year.

“Companies across this sector must now be very careful with diminished budgets as we head towards a ‘new normal’. Developing more thoughtful and thrifty habits with all resources including linen will help this process.”

Treatment of linen by Regenex is consistently a third of the cost of purchasing new items and we only charge for material successfully cleaned.

Paul added: “As laundries, hotel chains and other firms restart their operations, they are realising they have a lot of linen that’s been out of use, in need of processing if it is to be used again.

“We’ve seen an upturn in orders and enquiries, as management increasingly realise that most linen can be given a longer life, and we’re delighted to be able to play our part in getting the industry moving again.”

We continue to offer a free 400kg trial to any customer, to allow laundry managers to see for themselves the results we can achieve. Contact us to see how we can work together.

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