Regenex restores towels and bedding back to pristine white for commercial laundry on the East coast

As we continue on our journey to help laundries maximise their linen stock, we’re delighted to have recently worked with East Coast Linen Hire to restore its towels and bedding back to their pristine white condition. 


Established in 2016, East Coast Linen Hire and Laundry is run by Suffolk-born Nicky Thorpe. With a cleaning company already well-established, Nicky decided to launch her own commercial laundry and linen hire service to meet the demand of her clients.

From short-term weekly borrowing to long-term hire, East Coast Linen offers a cost-effective linen rental service for holiday lets and hospitality businesses in and around Suffolk and Norfolk. 

In addition to its linen hire service, East Coast also provides a linen laundering service to domestic clients and commercial businesses. This includes hotels, guest houses, holiday lets, second homes, B&Bs, and hair and beauty salons, as well as for those that just want that little extra luxury in life and enjoy having professionally washed and pressed linen.

Along with the help of Nicky’s team, East Coast Linen Hire has fast become a locally recognised business, proving popular with both domestic and commercial clients.

Paul Hamilton, technical director at Regenex said: “We’re extremely pleased with the final outcome following our work with East Coast Linen Hire. Here at Regenex we’re proud to be able to offer our clients a reliable stain-removal service that is cost-effective and reliable. Despite the age-old problem of the linen industry continuing to rag good-quality materials too early on in their lifecycle, we’re committed to offering our client-base an innovative alternative — whether that be through re-coloration or stain removal.”


Looking to revive its linen cupboard and bring its bedding and towels back to their original condition,  founder Nicky enlisted the support of Regenex to help remove any heavy staining and discoloration from heavily-stained stock.


Using advanced colour chemistry, Regenex was able to revive 97 kg of bedding and towels — successfully returning 76% of linen back to stock. 

Despite the linen being in a condition suitable for early ragging, Regenex’s unique multi-bath process meant East Coast Linen was able to extend the lifespan of its laundry stock.

Nicky Thorpe, founder of East Coast Linen Hire said: “The service that Regenex offers is absolutely fantastic. The team is incredibly efficient and nothing was too much of a hassle.”

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