Shortridge’s success in reviving linen with Regenex

A green-minded commercial laundry serving hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses all over the north of England, and Scotland, is delighted with its first batches of stained linen treated by Regenex.

Shortridge, which has sites in Workington, Darlington and Dumfries, has already been able to return to stock many thousands of high-end items, that would otherwise be condemned, simply due to a small, permanent mark.

A total of 6,500 high-quality duvets, towels, pillowcases and napkins, which were on the brink of being binned, have been successfully recovered – giving considerable financial savings against the purchase of new stock.

However, this impressive cash benefit is less significant than the potential environmental rewards of loving these linens for longer.

Enlisting Regenex regularly will reduce Shortridge’s carbon footprint – and further boost its environmental credentials.

We were able to lift stains in 78.6% of items overall in Shortridge’s batches, a success rate typical across our many, varied clients.

Multi-bath process

Our multi-bath processes are based on gently opening fibres to release discolouration, while retaining the maximum fibre strength and characteristics.

Shortridge is an award-winning family firm dating back to 1845, which boasts a rejection rate of less than one tenth of industry norms. Its customers requiring the highest standards of linens include hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, caravan parks and holiday centres, as well as universities.

The green-minded firm already uses heat recovery systems, recycles wastewater, plastic and cardboard – and carefully plans delivery routes to minimise fuel use. Overhauling linens sent to landfill is the next step in its overall exemplary practice.

General Manager of Shortridge, Jason Robinson, said: “We are really impressed with the first batches of laundry to be treated by Regenex and we intend to carry on using this service.”

Making a difference for our planet

Paul Hamilton, Technical Director at Regenex, added: “Rescuing a few heavily stained towels, tablecloths or pieces of bedding from every commercial wash might not seem like a priority, but it all adds up.

“Shortridge and other forward-thinking laundries recognise the industry’s impact on our planet and are keen to step up and make a difference.

“When you consider the volume of water, chemicals and other resources it takes to make just one item – for example, an 8.8kg carbon footprint for every imported polycotton bedsheet – the benefit of being more careful about condemning good quality linen is huge.”

Shortridge handed Regenex a total of 1,780kg of linen that would have gone to landfill or rag, due to residual staining. We cleaned 1,400kg of this material to a reusable standard – representing a success rate of 78.6%, or almost four out of five items.

These results are typical of our capabilities – and, as a result, increasing numbers of laundry houses in the UK and beyond are now signing up for our services.

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