Thought Leadership

At Regenex, we are challenging the way contract laundry companies (CLCs) think about their early linen write off.

We have developed a process that means a stubborn stain doesn’t have to spell the end of the useful life of an otherwise valuable commodity.

The Regenex system combines advanced processing machinery with newly developed chemistry designed specifically for the removal of stains such as:

  • Fake tan
  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Mildew
  • Concrete
  • Rust

We now service many of the market leaders in this sector and in our first few years of trading have processed thousands of tonnes of linen, with a consistent success ratio of 75% to 80%.

Over 70% of the carbon footprint in a textile fabric is generated during its construction and delivery phase, so early disposal has a massive contribution to its environmental impact.

By extending use of the millions of pieces saved from ragging or landfill, Regenex is saving approximately 4kg carbon for every 1kg of linen revived.

Calculation based on carbon footprint of 8kg associated with the manufacture and life cycle of 1kg of new linen. Saving is 4kg carbon per 1kg cotton when life cycle is doubled.

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