What wrecks a room? The most common ways that hospitality linen gets ruined

Did you know that the value of linen in a standard hotel room is about the same as the price of a night’s stay to the customer?

The bedding and towels in a mid-range room – two sheets, a quilt cover, four pillowcases, two bath sheets, two bath towels, and a bathmat – would cost over £50 at current bulk wholesale rates.

That’s the equivalent of a stay at a budget chain on off peak nights. Where linen is of higher quality and rooms more expensive for guests, the numbers are still similar.

While a marked sheet here or hand towel there might not seem a big deal in terms of items to replace, those costs can add up – and eat into already-stretched budgets very quickly.

So, what are the most common ways to wreck a room? At Regenex, in our business of reviving blemished or discoloured linen, we see ALL the stains – and it’s not always customers who create them.

Here are our top three culprits:

  • Black marks from the wheels of suitcases. Why do people put their luggage on the the bed to unpack? Carefully placed runners across the foot of the bed don’t always manage to prevent this.
  • False tan and make-up on pillowcases, bedding, and towels – a year-round problem that’s hard to avoid when people are dressing up to look their best for special occasions away from home.
  • Concrete, paint, or plaster – from the boots or overalls of contractors after a hard day on site.

These aren’t the only marks we encounter, though. Food and drink stains like tomato or turmeric-based sauces and red wine can also take their toll.

Even rust and dirt from laundries’ own cages used to transport can cause marks – and can be hard to avoid, now that the use of single-use plastic covering is rightly being minimised, to help the environment. In addition, mould spots can be an issue when linen is temporarily left outside.

Paul Hamilton, technical director at Regenex said: “Whatever is wrecking a room, the chances are we at Regenex can remove those marks and revive that linen to adorn many more rooms, for many more washes to come.

“We consistently return 75 to 80% of items to stock. When we cannot lift the most stubborn marks, we can offer dyeing services so that hospitality and healthcare providers can get the most out of every piece of linen.”

Are your rooms getting wrecked? Better call Paul on 07795 693345 or email him at paulhamlinton@bulmerandlumb.com.

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