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By reclaiming fabrics, RegeneX saves the cost of replacing linen early, enabling previously rejected items to fulfil their lifetime usage potential.

Follow the simple steps below to calculate your potential business savings with RegeneX:

  • First, please choose the item that you want calculate your savings on e.g. Napkins, Double Duvets, etc…
  • Second, type in how many items you want the calculator work out the savings on…
  • Kgs per item has been worked out for you – nothing to input here…
  • And last of all, type in your cost per item…
  • Now hit Calculate My Savings and we will work out your potential savings by using RegeneX
  • Alternatively, choose an item, hit Calculate My Savings and we do the rest.

(so that we can email a detailed PDF savings report)

(so that we can text your free trial code)
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