Regenex reaches target milestone following successful processing of 1,000 tonnes of linen

Why loving linen longer can help cut costs for UK laundries

Regenex has been shortlisted for two LADA Awards yet again!

What will extended producer responsibility (EPR) mean for contract laundries?

Hotels seeing red over orange sheets: Regenex’s ‘fake tan tax’ debate hits national media

Picture of a double bed with white duvet cover, pillowcases and sheets

Making the most of double duvet covers: Some compelling costings

Hospitality industry counts £1.8m cost of fake tan on bedding and towels, says Regenex

Regenex continues its run of new business with laundry serving luxury hotels

Why it’s time to relegate recycling

The quiet evolution in hotel linen management that’s saving money and carbon

When looking after hotel linen, relegating recycling saves carbon and money

How moving away from ‘kill or cure’ washes could add up to significant energy savings

The true cost of wasting cash – and carbon

How laundries are saving carbon and money by reusing ‘condemned’ linen instead of recycling

The letters 2022 are written on a steamy window, alongside a small love heart.

2022: The year of re-use and new thriftiness for the laundry sector

The poor, lost napkins of the Christmas table: A cautionary tale…

Five most compelling reasons yet for laundries to love linen longer, detailed in new white paper from Regenex

How laundries have the power to protect marine wildlife from microplastics

Regenex on the shortlist for two prestigious LADA awards!

The microplastics that come out in the wash and into our oceans – and the solutions afoot to help this situation

The millions of tonnes of plastic in the oceans – and laundries’ power to act

Regenex expands in Wales with quartet of laundry customers

Regenex is nominated for two LADA awards!

Why it’s time for a rethink on reuse

What wrecks a room? The most common ways that hospitality linen gets ruined

Squeeky Laundry sees 90% success rate on linen processed with Regenex ‘magic’

Extending the life cycle of linen saves energy and water – and new technology is making this possible

Why 2022 will be the year care providers ramp up their environmental policy

2022: The year of re-use?

Bright whites and rich new colours: 2021 – we got it done!

Linen stain removal specialists Regenex celebrates busiest EVER week thanks to festive hospitality

What’s in store for laundries and linen in 2022?

We are GOLD! Regenex shines at International Green Apple Awards!

Regenex wins ‘most innovative company’ award at glittering LADA awards

Regenex is on target to process 1,000 tonnes of linen by Christmas thanks to new business

Regenex achieves two shortlistings for prestigious LADA awards

Regenex process 50 tonnes of linen for Bates of London

Healthcare towels

How care home managers’ established ideas on the lifecycle of linen are shifting

Shock price rises on linen prompts laundries to make existing stock last longer

Regenex saves a staggering 83.6% on its replacement linen costs

How dyeing of workwear is offering healthcare new possibilities in linen management

Regenex and Welsh laundry customers on track to rescue 10 tonnes of linen from early rag

Uncertainty in global cotton markets is another reason to love linen longer

Time to dye? Getting the most out of hospitality linen with coloration

Regenex challenges hospitality and healthcare industries to use textile dyeing as a ‘secret weapon’ to help reach low carbon ideals

Regenex and Celtic Linen hit 100 tonnes of hospitality and healthcare textiles successfully processed

Regenex dyes 100,000 NHS scrub suits to equip Nightingale hospitals

Has there ever been a better time for laundries to save money?

Regenex aims to save 3,000 tonnes of carbon with ambitious environmental target for 2021

Healthcare bedding

Latest Regenex trials show great results in rescuing and reviving condemned linen

New year, new start: The laundry sector looks to better times ahead in 2021

Lockdown could be a good time for laundries to rethink, reset – and make the the most of ALL linen

Regenex on the short list for a fourth award this autumn

Regenex is in the running for a Tomorrow’s Care award

Regenex is shortlisted for prestigious LADA award

Regenex wins International Green Apple Environment Award

Regenex is back in business – and can revive ‘furlough’ linen that would otherwise be binned

Holidays are coming: Hospitality is beginning to bounce back – but is that linen up to scratch?

How making the most of workwear can offer 80% savings on new

Covid-related textile recycling problems mean loving linen longer is more important than ever

Could developing thrifty habits help laundries survive Coronavirus?

Are your business eco-credentials all they should be? Why a thorough environmental policy is essential in 2020

Regenex is on the road: Come and see us at CleanEx!

Vote for Regenex in the Tomorrow’s Care awards!

How hotel linen waste will be the next ‘fast fashion’ scandal

Processed linen being examined by Dana Mariana Bolboaca at Regenex

Regenex celebrates 500 tonnes of linen processed with pioneering stain removal treatment

Healthcare towels

The woeful waste of linens in the care sector

How a short, vague ‘environmental policy’ won’t impress Millennial customers

Paul Hamilton of Regenex

From rags to riches: How Regenex is saving textiles from landfill

David Midgley and Paul Hamilton of Regenex

Regenex is shortlisted for TWO prestigious awards

Paul Hamilton, left, and David Midgley, of Regenex

Regenex stain removal operations expand with new business take-up

Shortridge’s success in reviving linen with Regenex

Spotless hotel bed linen.

How Bates of London saved 14 tonnes of linen – and 38 million gallons of water – with Regenex

Outline of body shape in self-tan on bedding

Self-tan is here to stay – but not on hotel bed sheets

An iodine-stained sheet, before (left) and after (right) processing by Regenex.

How Regenex rescued iodine-stained linens for hospital trust

Medics in scrubs

Regenex talks about the benefit of loving hospital linens for longer in HEFMA Pulse

Re-dyed brown towels

It’s time to re-dye: How fresh colour can revive tired linen

Regenex tells all to Laundry and Cleaning Today

Regenex talks to Cleaning Matters about making linens last longer

fibre analysis Regenex

Testing, testing … laboratory analysis proves Regenex cleaning really works

Hospitality sector - textiles waste

Regenex hits Facilities Management headlines

Regenex launches love linen longer innovation

New commercial cleaning operation designed to love linen for longer

Loving linen for longer – the next big carbon footprint breakthrough?

Clean versus dye – what’s the future of dirty linen?

Are linen and laundry specialists missing a business trick?

From healthcare to hospitality linen – what’s driving greater recovery rates?

What’s in store for laundry waste in 2019?

What dirty secrets would Stacey Dooley uncover in the laundry sector?

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