2022: The year of re-use and new thriftiness for the laundry sector

At the start of 2022, we asked our friends and followers in the commercial laundry sector, will this be the year of re-use?

Back in January, we knew from talking to our business contacts and associates that environmental concerns were at an all-time high, and there was certainly a sense that the concept of re-use was beginning to permeate all operations.

How things have moved on since then!

While post-Covid ambitions to reassess sustainability objectives may have been the key driver for contract laundry groups for getting the best possible use out of every piece of linen, it’s fair to say there is now a perfect storm of pressing reasons.

In fact, there are so many that last month we compiled them in a white paper – Loving Linen Longer: Five carbon and many saving reasons to get the most out of laundry stock – to underline this urgent impetus for the sector to do things differently.

If you haven’t downloaded your free copy yet – spoiler alert! – here are the headlines:

  • Rethinking on re-use is a simple, straightforward no-brainer
  • The UK has a shameful textile waste problem that we do not want to exacerbate
  • Microplastics shed in the wash are causing an ocean emergency
  • A robust environmental policy is the only way do business now
  • The cost of everything is rising, and saving money is more important than ever.

This month, our content built upon these ideas by relating them to the humble napkin at the Christmas table – used to mop food and make-up, and maybe shine someone’s shoes, before being tossed unceremoniously in the bin.

While napkins only cost around 50p each, those pennies add up – and we can do better!

2022 was the year we at Regenex really pinpointed the culprits that wreck hospitality linen – yes that’s you, false tan! – and, more positively, the advancing technology that means the dirtiest bedding and towels can be successfully revived.

Our growing roster of customers knows our capabilities in this area and some, including Squeeky Linen and Laundry Services – who achieved a 90% success rate in returned linen following treatment – are delighted to shout about them.

Despite continued uncertain times in business, we are pleased to be expanding – notably in Wales – and look forward to meeting clients and contacts, old and new, when we return refreshed and ready to go in January.

Thank you to all who worked with us to make 2022 our best year yet.

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