How Bates of London saved 14 tonnes of linen – and 38 million gallons of water – with Regenex

A well-respected commercial laundry – serving London’s top hotels, health clubs and restaurants – is delighted with its first 12 months of results with Regenex.

Bates of London, established in 1886, sees its environmental credentials as a key priority – an exemplary ethos, and one of the reasons why the company was voted Independent Laundry of the Year.

Directors and management work hard to exceed regulatory requirements and minimise the firm’s carbon footprint – including reducing the use of materials and resources, and decreasing waste to the lowest practical level.

Spotless standards

Enlisting Regenex in 2018 has provided a real boost to this vision – resulting in the rescue of 14 tonnes of very heavily stained linen so far, which has been cleaned to the spotless standards demanded by high-end hospitality customers.

Bates, the largest fully family-owned laundry in the UK, processes 50 million pieces a year – a significant proportion of which will arrive at its Leyton base with heavy marks, be they fake tan, oil, rust, mould, food, or other spills and scuffs.

Historically, such items have been condemned to rag – and replaced with new stock. But Regenex has taken delivery of the seemingly ruined linen and used its gentle, multi-bath system to lift stains that were thought to be indelible.

Environmental gain

We have been so successful as to enable 14 tonnes of good linen, of a total of 18.5 tonnes sent to us, to be returned to stock. This is especially significant when it is considered that it would take 38 million gallons of water to grow crops for, and manufacture, an equivalent volume of new fabric.

John Kitchiner, General Manager at Bates of London, said: “We are very impressed with the service we’ve had from Regenex in our first 12 months of working together.

“Minimising waste, and making the most of resources, is very important to us. We are so pleased to see stained items, that would otherwise have gone to rag or landfill, revived and returned to stock.”

Regenex’s technical director, Paul Hamilton, said: “We are delighted with the results we have achieved with Bates of London. There is an obvious cost saving to making the most out of all textiles, so that they have as long a life as possible – but the greater gain is undoubtedly environmental.

“Fast fashion, and its toll on the earth’s resources, is firmly in the spotlight – and now the wider world is starting to demand more sustainable practices from the commercial linen sector, too.

“Bates of London is ahead of the curve and its very thoughtful and considerate environmental policy is setting it apart from its peers.”

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