Regenex and Welsh laundry customers on track to rescue 10 tonnes of linen from early rag

Regenex has been working successfully with two forward-thinking laundry partners in Wales to get the most out of linen stock.

Thomsons Laundry in Haverfordwest and Snow White Laundries in Cardiff and Pontypool are each reaching totals of five tonnes of hospitality and healthcare textiles revived and returned to service – thanks to our specialist stain removal processes that lift marks and restore pristine whites.

This equates to an impressive saving of about 40 tonnes of carbon combined, compared with the ragging and replacing of this volume of blemished items.

Regenex, which recently won an International Green Apple Award for environmental best practice, has developed a fuel and carbon-efficient system for receiving linen for processing, in collaboration with the duo of laundries.

Though they are separate companies, the pair co-ordinate to share transport costs to and from our base in Bradford, West Yorkshire. This means that stained linen is accumulated until there is enough to warrant a dedicated vehicle, meaning there are no environmentally inefficient deliveries of partial loads.

Leighton Milling, managing director of Snow White Laundries, said: “We’re really pleased to team up with Regenex. This service really solved the problem we had in ragging linen for minor marks, before the end of the linen’s expected life span.

“When planning the move to our new site, we set some ambitious productivity and environmental targets.  The additional linen life span achieved by Regenex’s recovery rate really contributes to these targets.”

Andrew Hansen, managing director, of Thomsons Laundry added: “We’re very happy to be working with Regenex and delighted with the results of the process so far. As a company we are keen to minimise our impact on the environment and getting the most out of all our linen is crucial to this aim.”

Paul Hamilton, technical director at Regenex, said: “Both Thomsons and Snow White are incredibly forward thinking, progressive, and really putting Wales on the map in terms of the sector and ‘ones to watch’.

“It’s great to work with such solutions-driven partners, who take extra care with the detail as well as seeing the bigger picture – and having the appetite to explore new possibilities.  We look forward to processing many more tonnes of linen together.”

Regenex works with laundries across Britain and Ireland, and beyond.

* Calculation based on linen typically halfway through its natural life cycle, successfully returned to stock, compared with carbon footprint of 8kg associated with the manufacture and life cycle of 1kg of new linen. Saving is 4kg carbon per 1kg cotton.

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