Regenex saves a staggering 83.6% on its replacement linen costs

Regenex has completed one of its most successful trials yet, in partnership with short stay accommodation provider

The fast-growing network, founded by Halifax entrepreneur Glenn Ackroyd, delivered 73kg of guest bedding, towels, and tableware from properties all over the UK for processing.

Despite heavy staining with the likes of fake tan, make-up and food, a total of 65kg was effectively cleaned and returned to stock – representing an impressive success rate of 89% on material which would otherwise have been ragged or sent to landfill.

The total cost of processing 65kg of linen with Regenex is £195 plus VAT, just 16.4% of the price of ordering these items as top-up stock, which would add up to £1,188.40.

Paul Hamilton, Technical Director at Regenex, said: “This trial was great news for which saved them 83.6% on the cost of replacement items by having them processed by us.

“The housekeeping team at inspected each item and confirmed that 89% was returned to excellent condition.

“Previously our success rates have ranged between 75% to 80% but we are refining our processes all the time and this result is testament to our commitment to continuing research and development.”

Enlisting the help of Regenex is helping businesses like work towards ambitious environmental targets, contributing positively to their sustainability as a company as well as their eco-conscious reputation among customers.

Glenn Ackroyd said: “First and foremost I’m delighted with the saving to our business. Linen represents a significant cost on our bottom line. Beyond that, it’s important that we can extend the life of our linen rather than dispose of it early.

“At, we are a company with a strong environmental ethos and, for us, corporate social responsibility is more than a token pledge on our website.

“We plant a tree for every booking and every time a guest stays for a night, we provide shelter for a homeless family. Our relationship with Regenex will allow us to become even more sustainable and continue to make a difference. “


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